Gifts For Men Malaysia: 10 Ideas For Every Occasion

Sometimes choosing a gift for men Malaysia can be a hassle. Even worse if you aren’t that close to them and have no clue what they like! Don’t fret - we’ve come up with a list of practical gift ideas for any occasion so you’ll know what to get the next time you’re struggling to decide!


10 Gifts For Men Malaysia


1. Men’s Pyjama Sets 


Men gotta sleep comfy too, right? Consider some comfortable pyjamas from Lulla that are made from 100% breathable cotton or rayon, which is a buttery soft fabric. In this humid weather, it’s so important to wear clothes that are cooling. 


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2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner 


We all know how tiring it is to clean the house, and even more so if he is the type to only clean the house perhaps every few months! Why not make it easier for him to keep his place tidy with a robot vacuum cleaner? He simply just has to leave it running and it requires little to no effort. 


The ILIFE L100 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t just sweep the dust away but also has the wet mopping option to mop the floor. The robot vacuum cleaner also has the function to scan and memorise the maps in your home, even with different floors. 


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3. Moleskine Notebook 


Notebooks make the perfect gifts for men Malaysia who are always writing down notes wherever they go, or perhaps if he is a writer! Moleskine notebooks are classic and modern, making it suitable to be carried around everywhere while taking down notes. You can never run out of notebooks anyway, especially if he is always writing down or doodling things everywhere he goes.  


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4. Slim Wallet with RFID Protection

Since these days we have been using more cashless payment options rather than using cash, it’s a good idea to switch to a slim wallet instead. If he doesn’t have a slim wallet already, Bellroy offers many slim wallet options with RFID protection. Despite this wallet being slim, it can feature up to 12 cards as well as a hidden compartment for coins and cash. There are also a few colours available so you can take your pick based on his favourite colour. 


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5. Philips Electric Shaver 

For the best practical gifts for men Malaysia, an electric shaver can never go wrong, especially because they have to shave their facial hair very often. The Philips S1103 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver is an affordable choice while offering features such as water-resistant while allowing you to move the head in 3 directions, ensuring you are able to shave even the most difficult hard-to-reach areas with ease. Plus, it has up to 27 self-sharpening blades which is sufficient enough to not irritate your skin.


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6. Skechers GOrun Men’s Shoes 

For those who are active - whether it is running, hiking or walking, Skechers GOrun offers comfortable and stylish shoes curated with advanced technology that provides proper support and cushioning. 


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7. Adidas Cap 

Does he always play sports or have to spend time outdoors very often? Getting him a cap from Adidas would be a great idea as they offer a wide variety of caps for specific occasions such as for sports or lifestyle purposes. Besides, you’ll help to protect him from the harmful UV rays too!


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8. Customized Mug 

If he loves to drink tea or coffee, there are plenty of mugs available which you can customize according to what describes him the best. For instance, a quote that describes his personality or perhaps a picture of you two on one side of the mug. It adds a personalized touch to the gift. 


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9. Whisky Glass

Whisky glasses are the best gifts for men Malaysia who love their alcohol. These glasses are aesthetically pleasing while being long-lasting as well. A fun fact, the Glencairn Glass are used during various whisky festivals all around the world, including winning awards such as the Queens Award for Innovation.


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10. Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Is your male buddy a coffee enthusiast? You should definitely get this ceramic coffee dripper as it offers a crisper and cleaner coffee finish at the end. It’s heat resistant and robust which is built to last for a long period of time. The large hole in the centre enables coffee brewing too. Thanks to the unique cone design, the coffee extraction will be much smoother and faster. 


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